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From research to experience centre, Green Square Business Campus encourages progress and innovations with various state-of-the-art facilities to share, acquire and put knowledge into practice.

Knowledge & Innovation is given a broad definition

Besides work, Green Square Business Campus will focus on increasing knowledge and innovation as well. GSBC is a community of different types of businesses, visitors, and users. Lifelong learning, from and with each other, fits within this inclusive form of entrepreneurship.

Education, knowledge sharing and development
Knowledge & Innovation is given a broad definition within Green Square Business Campus. As such, we focus on businesses engaged in teaching, education, and knowledge sharing. But also on companies developing new technologies, techniques and materials, possibly (but not necessarily) related to the floriculture sector.

An inspiring environment in which you enjoy working with and learning from each other

Entrepreneurs and businesses are open to collaboration and innovation, allowing themselves to develop in all respects.

Space at The Strip

GSBC encourages development in the form of a ‘Knowledge & Innovation’ centre, education and practice spaces and facilitating knowledge exchange between (mature) companies and start-ups. For this purpose, space for flexible office units which can be easily adapted to the user’s needs, will be available at The Strip.

Companies focused on knowledge transfer and innovation are welcome at The Strip

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