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From coffee bar to brewpub, Green Square Business Campus offers an exceptional range of catering establishments. Ideal for meeting up before, during or after working hours, making the place attractive for local residents as well.

This will soon be the place for meetings and interactions in Aalsmeer

The liveliness in Green Square Business Campus is due to the diverse range of attractive meeting points, such as cosy coffee shops, good restaurants, and green public spaces.

Central to the plan area is The Strip: soon to be the Hotspot and vital heart of GSBC. The Strip is characterised by an attractive public space with a variety of catering establishments. Transparent ground floors ensure that the facilities in the buildings fit seamlessly into the area. Therefore, it is the perfect location to grab a cup of coffee before work in the morning, enjoy a sandwich on the terrace in the afternoon and dine with your colleagues or friends in the evening.

Vibrant, also outside office hours
Nowadays working hours are no longer bound by a nine-to-five culture. GSBC responds accordingly with day, evening, and weekend catering. The Strip is the ideal meeting place for companies and their business relations.

This is the place to meet, before, during and after work. For business and pleasure.

The lively atmosphere will soon make The Strip the place to be for events, a nice lunch, or an after-work drink.

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